Lifestyle Package

What's Included:
  • 15% discount for 12 weeks
  • 17% discount for 24 weeks
  • 1-1 training sessions
  • Goal and target setting
  • Weight, measurements and BMI calculations
  • Fitness testing
  • Improvement tracking
  • Personalised out of session workout plans
  • Nutritional guidance
  • Time planning
  • Lifestyle, sleep and stress check

If you are looking to change your overall lifestyle you will hopefully realise that exercise and healthy living is not a short term plan. It is a long term plan. This package focuses and smashing your short, middle and long term goals. This also includes all nutritional guidance, time planning and lifestyle choices to help you make a lifelong change.


Lucy and Gary in central Bristol,
BS3 studio or outside.
Plus mobile within North Somerset or our Wrington studio.

12 weeks

3 sessions per week of 45mins, £34 per session

24 weeks

3 sessions per week of 45mins, £33 per session

(Additional charges can be added for travel time and petrol)