Nutritional Consultation

What's Included:
  • Advice with food groups
  • Recipe and meal ideas
  • Advice with planning and advice with shopping
Cooking Skills
  • Food prep
  • Cooking
  • Tasting
  • Working to a recipe.

Are you looking for more nutritional help and feel you would benefit from a 45 minute 1-1 chat? Would you like help with food groups, meal ideas, planning, shopping or anything else involving nutrition. These can be scheduled alongside your training monthly or just when required.


45min session, booked alongside any pt package or when required, £35


Basic Cooking Skills

Are you looking for some help in basic cooking? We offer basic cooking skills sessions teaching you how to cook from scratch, what ingredients are needed, how to prepare and cook and store. These sessions can run for up to 2 hours and within this time you can learn up to 5 new meal ideas, then you get to take them home and eat them.


Can be carried out from your home, within Bristol or North Somerset.


Based on a 2 hour class, £70